October 3-4, 2013

LIFELOCK Ultimate Award

C3 Award of Excellence


Delaware Attorney General

Beau Biden


Leadership and Relentless

Pursuit of Cyber Knowledge

and Safety


2013 C3® Conference was a Great Success.
Thanks for Attending.

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October 3-4, 2013 University of Maryland Campus

The C3® Conference is a high quality professional development event for educators in Maryland and the mid-Atlantic region. The core mission of the C3® Conference is to inform the educational community about the ethical, legal, safety, and security implications of technology use and illustrate how educators and parents can apply these concepts to their own setting. This year’s conference, will bring together state and local educators, law enforcement, internet safety/security curriculum providers, researchers, and policy makers on a broad range topics to include: cyberbullying, identity theft, privacy, online reputation management, and new and emerging technologies.

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