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Robotics Challenges

YSP Turtle



  • Week 1 challenge: with a dixie cup, paper clips, marble, and fishing wire--carry the marble 3 yards and dump the marble out of dixie cup onto the "X marks the spot"
  • Week 2 challenges: Have bot move forward, back and turn left and right
  • Week 3 challenges: Move forward between lines and turn around in key hole
  • Week 4 challenges: Move through maze and pull up slope
  • Week 5 challenges: push cans out of circle and keep bot in circle
  • Week 6 challenges: Follow line (light sensor)
  • Week 7 challenges: Bot Tug o War and Tri Bot--pull clipboard with 3 cans 3 yards, move forward and touch wall and turn around, kick or push ping pong ball into "soccer goal"

Can Do Challenge

The Can-Do Challenge asked the teams to build and program a robot to clear six cans from a 3 foot circle. The robots received 2 points for each can that remained upright and was removed from the circle, and 1 point if the can flipped over. Cans had to be entirely out of circle to count.









Group 1

Group 1 Movie

Group 2

Group 2 Movie

Group 3

Group 3 Movie

Group 4

Group 4 Movie

Group 5

Group 5 Movie

Group 6

Group 6 Movie



Miscellaneous Video


Maze Challenge

The maze challenge required the students to build and program and negotiate a maze (see Word/PDF File) consisting of both walls, and lines which they could not cross. At the end, the robot had to play a song

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