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2008 Howard County

Microworlds Assignments

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  Programming in Microworlds

Challenges [Word ... PDF]

Introductory Activitiy


My Park


Task 1 - Car/Dog

Customer Bob wants you to create a scenario having a dog running forward while a car is moving forward (from the opposite direction). The car will swerve to miss hitting the dog.

CarsAlex Car and Dog

Task 2: Hurdles

This customer would like an animation illustrating three individuals running a hurdle race. Therefore,

  • They must “jump” over the hurdles.
  • You should have them “animated”
  • The customer does not think much of our company’s clip art options (so you need to create your own).
  • The three people must be different and look like track “people” (e.g., not soccer attire).
  • Only one person wins the race.


Task 3: Game-Maze

Create a game or maze utilizing as many (if not all) of the following criteria

  • 3-5 pages and/or levels
  • Way to automatically turn pages or a button to take you to the next level
  • A means to manipulate an object (i.e., speed and/or direction slider)


Task 4: Group Exercise-Animated Story

Publishing company XYZ has decided to have an animated version of some of their popular preschool books. Your team has been asked to recreate a book with animated options added. Be creative. Make sure you include a title page that includes the original author and illustrator names and then add the names of the animation team.

Tuscan Chase

TurtleChain 3page



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