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The New Majority: Highly Qualified Teachers Maximizing the Success of Hispanic English Language Learners

ETO Deliverables

  • Course: Universal Design/AT for Learning and Literacy for English Language Learners for the General Classroom Settings
  • Workshop: Assessment and Design Strategies for Improving Student Learning: Utilizing Data with Technology Tools for Instructional Decisions
  • Course Outline

As the gap between low and high achieving students continues to grow and the implementation of high-stakes accountability systems becomes the norm, the need for data to guide classroom decisions becomes increasingly important. Unfortunately, many practicing educators have little or no experience in using data systematically to inform decisions about classroom teaching. The density and range of available information contributes to the arduous task of effectively analyzing and applying assessment results to decisions about day to day instruction.

Data can be used not only to evaluate and track student performance but also to assess instructional effectiveness and various other factors that influence student learning. This course will address some of the common questions that educators have about data driven school improvement. What types of data should be collected? How might teachers collect data effectively with current technology applications? How might teachers use data for school improvement? What steps should schools take to improve their use of data?

This session will explore systemic improvement strategies to curriculum planning, assessment, and instruction through utilizing data and data analysis via technology tools. Content is designed to assist educators in identifying and using data that are most effective in assisting improvement of student achievement and system efficacy integrated with the aid of technology applications. Educators will locate, access, retrieve, evaluate, and archive information pertaining to their school's, as well as their individual classroom assessment scores, state content standards, and performance assessment tasks. Continuum of workshop sessions will allow participants to design, test, and revise curriculum projects and assessment tools for use in your own classroom based on their classroom data. Course content helps educators address


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